Stressed out? Get Moving!

August 27th, 2019 by JoAnn Cranson

By JoAnn Cranson

I’m getting that overwhelming feeling and I can feel the chronic stress and anxiety flooding into my body. Then my brain feeds on the total lack of control I feel with the stress. All the self-talk that I do does not convince my brain to let go of it. Sometimes it just seems circumstances build up including the unexpected death of a loved one, separation/divorce, family problems, health issues, financial difficulties and job challenges to name a few.

2019 has been a rough year for me and I’m left with how can I handle this? It’s so easy to fall into a depression and lack of motivation when that is the last thing I should be doing!

It’s time to get up and do something. Even days I don’t “feel” like exercising, once I put the effort in I can’t believe how much better I feel. My mind is clearer, my brain has had a break from thinking and I feel accomplished.

I started to read about some research that has been done. I was surprised to learn from the American Psychological Association that 75% of people in the US feel stressed out. The other two big issues that are contributing factors are unhealthy eating and lack of sleep. This, in turn, leads to one in three having depression.

As if that isn’t enough, when we are stressed our body creates extra of the hormone cortisol, which causes us to store more abdominal fat over time. Another doctor stated that stress is associated with just about every chronic disease we know.

All my self talk of trying to get my brain to think of other things, looking for distractions, or take a relaxing bath, but nothing works as well as exercising.

In more of my reading there is so many bonuses to exercising for my overall health. It’s the natural medicine that fights against many challenges we face every day. Through regular exercise it helps build up a resistance to stress. Cardiovascular workouts help the heart pump more blood to the brain which in turn is feeding our brain cells. There are even some studies that show as we age brain cells die off but now they are showing that exercise leads to preserving and making new cells.

Make the time and effort to find a form of exercise that you can enjoy and aim for 1½ to 3 hours per week. Start out slow, do the best you can, form a routine. Exercise is not the cure all for stress and anxiety, but it’s a piece of the puzzle that is helping me deal with the challenges of life.


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