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A multisport program is only as good as its ability to support and progress talent within the ranks. Nowhere is this more important than the youth development team. The immense experience of seasoned veterans, combined with the enthusiasm and talented novice athletes, creates the perfect environment to foster healthy minds for competitors of all ages. These junior athletes learn professionalism, stewardship, proper training and racing strategies, and the love of activity that helps them develop the mindset needed to excel at being their best now and in the future.

Team Members

Jacob Florey
Bella Carr
Lilah Smith
Jared Dunham
Men's Cat 3-5
Kellen Caldwell
Junior Road, Mountain Bike
Hunter Post
Youth Cycling
Jonathan Meyers
Youth Cycling
Cate Wittman
Youth Cycling
Elijah Garris
Youth Cycling
Photo Coming Soon
Joel Bretzlaff
Youth Cycling
Sean Siems
Photo Coming Soon
Emma Schwab
Youth Cycling

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