Junior Development Team

Meet our Junior Development Cyclists and Triathletes. Each of them are not only exceptional athletes but are also amazing people. They are the future of our sport and the fuel that drives our mission.

Team Members

Brie Siems
Hunter Post
Elite Men (Cat 1-4) Not Master's, Youth Cycling
Cate Wittman
Youth Cycling
Elijah Garris
Youth Cycling
Spencer Blaz
Youth Cycling, Cat 1
Nya Caldwell
Youth Cycling
Kellen Siems
Sean Siems
Luke Blazic
Youth Cycling
Joel Bretzlaff
Youth Cycling
Olivia Perrine
Hunter Bell
Youth Cycling
Katja Opfer
Youth Cycling
Lauren Schultz
Youth Cycling
Jack Kozlowski
Youth Cycling
James Meyer
Youth Cycling
Jonathan Meyer
Youth Cycling
Charlotte Wright-Rosinski
Youth Cycling
Miriam Bretzlaff
Youth Cycling
Terry Ritter
Master's Men 55+
Dan Yankus
JD Staff
Tina Meyer
Women's Team, JD Staff
Dan Caldwell – JD Staff

Latest Team News

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