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The “masters” of their sport, these cyclists prove that age only adds wisdom. They focus on fitness and it shows as they compete at every level in Michigan cycling. With ages ranging from 40 on up, you’ll not only see them in masters races but also racing for the podium with young, upcoming Michigan elites.

Team Members

Steve Buccella
Masters 55+
Pat Dorr
Master's Men Cycling
John Meyers
Master's Men Cycling, Cat 2
Glenn Dik
Master's Men Cycling
Tommy Hahn
Master's Men Cycling
Ken Lown
Master's Men Cycling
Amy Kimber
Road Cat 1, Mountain Biking
Larry Strayhorn
Masters 55+
Mostyn Lumbard
Master's Men Cycling
Leonard Van Drunen
Masters 55+
Greg Neagos
Mountain Biking
Mike Krywanski
Masters 55+, Road Cat 2
Kirk Graham

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