Larry Strayhorn

Primary Discipline: Masters 55+
Other Disciplines:
Birth Year: 1959
City Of Residence: Ada
Favorite Race: My favorite road race is Tour de Frankenmuth. It is a relatively flat route which fits my body type very well. I also enjoy racing Barry Roubaix (BRX). BRX is a real test, if the hills don't get you, the Mud, Water, Ice and Snow will. BRX seems to challenge all of your bike handling skills!

Biggest Accomplishments

I consider an accomplishment to go from the "Really BIG" guy to just the "Big Guy" known as "Kahuna." This has brought me from the guy that got dropped on every ride to one of the guys hanging in the front and sometimes pushing the pace. You might not ever see me on the podium, but I'm always there... attacking from the rear!


Best advice: get out there and ride. The more experience you get on the bike, the better you will become. Listen to the advice of others in the group/peloton. Their experience is also a valuable teacher. Some good advice I received - "watch the ladies in the group, they ride very smart!"

If I'm Not Competing...

I enjoy club rides and centuries. When I'm not on on my bike, you can catch me on the river fly fishing.

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:

I am a former Division 1 football defensive lineman. I played for the University of Utah, with a playing weight of 265 lbs. Cycling has helped me bring my weight down and regain a very healthy lifestyle! Cycling gives me an outlet to feel the former aggression I did on the field. I love the personal challenge to dig deep and fight to keep up with the little guys climbing up ahead of me!


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