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Is the Team Athletic Mentors Junior Development (TAMJD) program a club?

TAMJD is a team, and membership is evaluated and approved on the basis of an application and interview process, as well as availability of open positions. The number of open positions varies from year to year, and the program only accepts the number of athletes that can be successfully supported. 

What is the cost to be an athlete on TAMJD?

There is no fee to join the team. Riders should be prepared to pay for their racing, travel and housing expenses, as well as their equipment needs. Some of these things may be supplemented through the team depending on budget.  

What clothing does a TAMJD racer receive?

First year racers are given a clothing allotment, new helmet, team socks, and some casual wear to represent the team. Other items can be purchased at team pricing at this time. Returning racers see their clothing allotment increase in successive seasons.  

How does the TAMJD program differ from a MiSCA team?

MiSCA teams are specific to a region or school, and are organized to compete in the fall MiSCA race series. TAMJD is a year round developmental and racing program that further advances serious athletes that look to get more cycling opportunities. 

Why doesn’t TAMJD have its own MiSCA team?

The focus of the TAMJD program is to provide ambitious athletes with something beyond scholastic racing. As great as the MiSCA program is in offering racers an opportunity to compete, some athletes seek further means to reach greater potential. Most of the TAMJD racers are the top riders in their MiSCA classes.

How is TAMJD coaching different from that provided by MiSCA teams?

TAMJD has professional cycling coaches with the highest accreditation and experience assigned to those team racers using that service. Professional coaching is personal and provides race strategy, training plan design, and nutritional advice specific to the athlete’s needs. MiSCA programs are an asset to the racers on that team but usually can’t provide professional level services to individual athletes.  

Do I have to be part of the professional coaching program if I’m on TAMJD?

There is no requirement for TAMJD racers to use the team’s personal coaching services at any time. Racers in the program, but not personally coached, will still get direction, guidance, and race support and can participate in all team opportunities. 

When can a racer apply to TAMJD and when is the deadline?

Applications are taken throughout the year with a deadline of October 31st. The following season’s roster is decided by November 14th. 

Do I have to go to the big team events like the training camp or national level races? 

These events have been included as part of the TAMJD schedule because members have voiced their benefit and enjoyment. Though highly recommended, members are not obligated to attend.  

Can I ride for another team while being part of TAMJD? 

Team racers and their success help grow the program and become part of its identity. For that reason, TAMJD racers can only be part of their MiSCA teams outside of the program. 

How would I know if I’m a good fit for TAMJD?

Team racers are people that like having fun with other cyclists. They enjoy racing and look to find out how far they can push themselves. They are open to trying new cycling disciplines and are looking to make the most of their junior racing experience and possibly cycling at the next level in college or beyond. They have an appreciation for others and want to be part of a supportive team. 

Do my parents have to be involved if I am on the team?

Involvement of parents in the program is both encouraged and appreciated.  However, it is not required of all parents. At the minimum, each racer should have a parent that is directly responsible for their participation so that the team has an adult to be aware of their racer’s requirements and needs. 

What credentials do the staff and parents of TAMJD have to ensure safety?

All coaches in positions within the TAMJD program are SafeSport certified through the USA Cycling organization. Any team travel events will have at least a female adult in a supervisory position if female team members are involved. 

If I’m presently a senior, can I apply to the team?

Though not common, it is possible for a senior to join the program if they plan to go to college within the state and can fulfill their contract requirements. 

What is involved in the application process?

After an interested racer applies, their application is evaluated by October 31st of that year and they will be alerted if they are being moved on to the interview phase. Once an interview is given, the applicant is notified if they have made the team within the next two weeks. All applicants should seek a sponsor, which is either a well known individual within the cycling community or a member of TAMJD (racer or parent) who can vouch for their character and program fit. 

What contract requirements do the racers have to fulfill?

Each season, team management determines a few different contract requirements based on racer level, involvement and ability both on and off the bike. All racers will be required to write at least one blog for the team website, do at least 2 volunteering activities, and have a defined number of team and non-team races they will need to fulfill. The racer and their parents are given some selection in these requirements and team management will assist as requested.  

Can I apply if I’m not yet in 8th grade?

Though we welcome interest in the program, we require all applicants to show a history of commitment to the sport that typically extends through 7th grade. Management reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule, though this is rare. 

What are some benefits to being part of TAMJD?

Racers that are part of TAMJD will be surrounded by like-minded athletes who have learned the value of mentoring and supporting each other. TAMJD members and staff take an active interest in the development of each athlete and work to help them reach their potential and be good stewards of the sport. A top level coaching service is offered to each member that is substantially funded by the program. The team does its best to make the experience of racing fun, while also giving our members different levels of opportunities they would find difficult to obtain alone for logistical and financial reasons. Members are also supported with equipment discounts and event specific bike maintenance. Many of our past members have taken what the program has taught them and have demonstrated success at the college and pro level.   


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