Team Athletic Mentors Women

This team focuses on one thing – making an impact. Together they work hard to improve and help each other succeed. They embody the concept of teamwork.  They are passionate about their sport and lifestyle.  You’ll find them teaching clinics and leading women’s rides to introduce other women to an  athletic lifestyle.  Approach any of these ladies and you will be greeted with inspiration and a pleasant friendliness that will make you want to run, swim or ride your bike.

Team Members

Kaitlyn Patterson
Mountain Bike, Category 3 Road, Nordic Ski
Elaine Sheikh
Marie Dershem
Road Cat 2
JoAnn Cranson
Road Cat 3, Mountain Biking
Erin Young
Ultra Running, Road Cat 3
Raquel Torres
Amy Kimber
Road Cat 1, Triathlon
Reina Placer
Cheryl Sherwood
Michelle Dalton
Laura Melendez
Road Cat 3

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