Are you looking for a  high-octane way to connect your brand to the community? We’ve got you covered.

Join the excitement as our elite athletes bring integrity, flair, and an awareness of healthy living to Michigan. You’ll have something to set your company apart and build brand loyalty in the community with our high-profile teams and events.

Key  Benefits

  • Brand/Company Visibility: Over 70 athletes proudly bear our sponsors brand on apparel on a daily basis around the state.
  • Character and Integrity:  Our program is known for its quality. Your brand can enjoy the halo effect.
  • Community Outreach: Our athletes make regular appearances at schools, community events, and athletic clinics offered to the general public. Your company will get great community mileage.
  • Youth Development: We develop some of the best athletes in the state, bringing attention to our sponsors and your brand.
  •  Professionalism:  As a result of our success, professionalism, and camaraderie our teams are highly respected in the endurance sports community.


dan_crosscountryskiteamSponsors May Receive

  • Company name and logo on athlete apparel.
  • Athlete participation in corporate events.
  • Clinics & Events: Sponsor title and visibility on athletic clinics and events hosted by the team.
  • Community Outreach: Sponsor title and visibility on community outreach events.
  • Social Media: Growing Facebook and Twitter presence for greater visibility and networking
  • WebLinks, Banners, RSS Content: Sponsor banners on promoters website, apparel shopping cart and team website.


Team Opportunities

Talk to us to find the best fit for your brand! We have a robust selection of programs including:

  • Triathlon
  • Ironman
  • Xterra
  • Running
  • Women’s Cycling
  • Elite Men’s Cycling
  • Junior Development Cycling
  • Masters Men’s Cycling (consisting of ages 45+ and 55+)
  • Bike Tour and Club Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cyclocross

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