Sponsor Spotlight: Agility PT

May 26th, 2015 by Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors

Agility PT

agility logoThis Kalamazoo County orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinic offers comprehensive care for the athlete with services ranging from physical therapy to training and performance programs. Agility PT has been a Team OAM Now/Athletic Mentors sponsor for 5 years.

With the only Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy in the Southwest Michigan Area and two Board Certified Clinical Specialists in Orthopedics on their staff, Agility PT delivers the same kind of excellence the Team OAM Now athletes hope to achieve. This type of drive and dedication to sport is well understood by 2009 Ironman Finisher and  clinic Co-owner and Director of Clinical Operations, Scott Miller.   Scott currently races multi-sport with Team OAM Now as a member of the Elite Club.

Scott Miller Ice Man2014In keeping with their desire to serve the whole athlete, Agility PT sees its role as much wider than providing after care, or even performance analysis. Agility’s self-described mission is to have a positive impact on individuals across the lifespan, from beginner to elite athlete. In fact, they regularly sponsor a significant number of Michigan events ranging from local events like Kalamazoo’s Kal-Haven Ultra Marathon and Portage’s Winter Blast Half/5k to the Race for Wishes Road Race Championships and the largest cross county meet in the Midwest, the Portage Invite. Similarly, they also support local triathlons including the Gull Lake Tri and Shermanator. Partnering with regional and national organizations, as well as local businesses, allows them to expand their service knowledge and their ability to individualize treatment by providing contacts for complimentary services.

Miller says “Agility and Team OAM Now/Athletic Mentors have a common goal, which is to push individuals to their peak performance with class, superior knowledge, and a comprehensive approach. We are of like mind in that we lead by example. We are athletes working with athletes.”

This level of dedication to athletics and support for their community meshes seamlessly with Team OAM Now values and goals resulting in a perfect partnership.

Ed NoteThe relationship between athlete and sponsor is often understated and oversimplified. Team OAM Now/AM does its best to make sure the relationship we build with our sponsors reflects its importance.

We promote our sponsor’s brand, with professionalism, on social media including blogs and Facebook. We are active in the community and participate in over 75 community events every year to help our sponsors give back to community. We (the athletes) understand our sponsors’ services and brand, use their products and services, and refer business to them. In return, the sponsors help us develop young athletes, and create exposure and opportunities where those circumstances might not otherwise exist.

For a sponsor, this kind of support is also an investment in someone’s dreams, a measure of faith in ability and determination, and a connection with the team’s values.  For an athlete, the support given by a sponsor is invaluable. In fact, it’s more than support; it’s a vote of confidence; it’s an opportunity to achieve; it promises the joy of bringing along a “family” when there is triumph.

For this reason, we’d like to take time to introduce you to our sponsors. We cannot thank them enough for their support of Team OAM/Now, its athletes, its goals and visions, and its values. 


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