Introducing the 2015 Team OAM Now Elite Club

February 27th, 2015 by Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors

By Jim Allan, Elite Club/Team Captain

Ed Note: The Elite Club participates in various events to further the love of sport, bring attention and funds to a wide variety of charitable causes, and give back to the community. The club includes a mix of former team members, recreational riders, sponsors, and potential future team members looking to get some experience. As a group, the Elite Club is highly visible and involved in the sporting community and aims to continue that through 2015. We took a moment to check in with Team Captain Jim Allan to find out what’s in store for 2015.


Returning Members
Bob Schultz
Bradley Field
Dan Gauthier
Greg Neagos
Jeff Towner
Jeff Zvirdzinis
Jim Allan
Joe Kucharski
Ken Lown
Kevin Long
Matt Gunderson
Mike Birmann
Mike Hoogerland
Paul Raynes
Ryan Erxleben
Scott Miller
Scott Steurer
Scott Tiret

New Teammates
Peter Chadwick
John Hurn
Hunter Fisk

elvesIn 2014, members of the Elite Club participated in various bicycle tours and races, running events, and triathlons. There were also opportunities to lead out 5k/10/Half-Marathons as well as other volunteer community events. By participating in group rides, charity tours, running events, triathlons and other activity, the Elite Club brings visibility to the team and to the sponsors who make our activity possible.

The Elite Club includes athletes who have been identified with potential and wish to gain experience through participation in events with the team, as well as athletes who may not be able to commit to the full team schedule, yet wish to continue participation with the team. With those goals in mind, the team tries to participate in as many events as possible, to achieve maximum sponsor visibility while providing benefit to valuable worthwhile causes. We do have specific events that we support each year and are always looking for more opportunities. In addition to our team and community goals, each team member works to improve his/her performance and often benefits from the team structure to help achieve those individual goals.

Among the events enjoyed in 2014 and anticipated for 2015:
 100 Grand Bicycle Tour
MSU School of Medicine Gran Fondo
Grand Rapids Triathlon
Holland Hundred Bicycle Tour
Rapid Wheelmen Colorburst Tour
Barry Roubaix Gravel Road Race
Lowell 50 Gravel Road Races
Michigan Titanium Triathlon
Maple Hill Race For Wishes
Gazelle Girl Half Marathon
Bear Lake Triathlon
Komen Race For The Cure
Iceman Cometh
Elves and More Bicycle Build

It’ll be a busy 2015 for sure…we hope to see you out there!  


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