There’s No Y in Tri: Free Clinics Continue in Grand Rapids

February 25th, 2015 by Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors

As even the most seasoned triathlete will tell you, there’s always something to learn. Back in January, Team OAM Now/Athletic Mentors presented the first in a series of free clinics in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Tri. Those clinics continue this Saturday, February 28th, at 9am with Triathlon 101- Part B.

cricket1During this off season, most athletes are looking for ways to cut time, save seconds, and ensure a healthy and strong tri-season, but only a few of them do it without help. Whether it’s a coach, a training partner, or tips and strategies from seasoned veterans, there are ways that you too can improve your tri performance come spring. Though the weather might suggest otherwise, Tri season is just around the corner and now’s the chance to get inside info on heart rate zones, taper strategies, strength training, and much more.

Triathlon 101-B will be followed by Bike/Run- Fit Technique and Training. Sponsored by Striders and West Michigan Bike, this two part session includes a Good Form Running Session and  bike tune up, maintenance and how to change a tire clinic. Geared to all levels, but focused on the beginner, this is a great way to begin to get started on the bike/run portions of the tri.

To get more details, check out the Grand Rapids Tri site here.

To register for the clinics, click here.


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