Introducing the 2015 Team OAM Now Women’s Cycling Team

February 3rd, 2015 by Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors

By Marie Dershem, Team OAM Women’s Cycling Team Captain

Ed Note: With amazing season highlights like JoAnn Cranson’s trip to the Senior Olympics, and her win at the West Branch Road Race, Charlotte Long’s 2nd place wins at both the Lowell 50 and Peak to Peak, Marie Dershem’s 3rd place win at the State Championship Time Trial, it was a fantastic year for Team OAM Now’s Women’s Cycling Team. We took a minute to talk to Team Captain Marie Dershem about what’s in store for 2015.

ZCS_0745Returning Members
Marie Dershem
Laura Melendez
Charlotte Long
JoAnn Cranson

New Teammates
Jenny Steketee


Our entire team had some great accomplishments in 2014, both together and individually. Laura Melendez, who brings strength and amazing endurance to the team, competed in the National 24 Hour Bike race. In addition, she placed 1st in CAT 3 Tour De Mont Pleasant Crit. JoAnn Cranson can time trial with the best of them. Working with her teammate, Marie Dershem, she pulled away from the peloton and time-trialed her way to a victory at West Branch Road Race (CAT 3), where Marie placed 2nd. Some highlights for Charlotte Long include exhibiting her trail and road skills by placing 2nd in both the Lowell 50 and Peak to Peak mountain bike race (after upgrading to Expert). Then, she expertly took second place in the State Championship Road Race. Marie Dershem‘s time trial experience as a former triathlete came in handy when she came in 3rd place in the State Championship Time Trial (CAT 3), which was followed by a State Championship Road Race win (CAT 3). With several other podium spots among all the teammates, it was a fantastic year.
In 2015, we have a newcomer, Jenny Steketee, who brings years of competitive speed skating to the mix. Her strength and power will translate amazingly well to the bike. We look forward to all she has to offer and welcome her with excitement. This is a well-rounded team that has experience working together. Every team member trains hard individually. We can all count on one another to work hard, to work for one another, and to be committed to the team.
10580851_10105318495174854_4514820058267102349_oOur team’s biggest strength is the diversity in talent. Both Marie and JoAnn are excellent time-trialists. Laura has the perfect mix of endurance and strength. In addition, her years of experience racing aids in putting together strategies to race well together and build on each other’s strengths. Marie and Charlotte share a love for climbing and tend to use hills as break-away opportunities. Charlotte is a proven sprinter and Marie is building toward this as well.

This coming season, we have an amazing opportunity to come together and really take control of the field in any race we enter. We have such a wide range of talent that, when we work together, we can do anything. Every team member is willing to work for each other, which makes all the difference in the world. We can easily play to each person’s talents and create a winning opportunity for everyone.

In 2015, plan to see us at Le Tour De Mont Pleasant, BTR Crit, Maple Hill Race for Wishes, Delta Subaru Gaslight Crit, as well as quite a few others. Additionally, the team is also interested in travelling to some out of state races to add variety and new challenges. It is certainly going to be an exciting year to be a woman racing with TEAM OAM Now!



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