There’s no Y in Tri: Free Clinics to Help You Meet Your 2015 Tri Goals

January 14th, 2015 by Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors

For matriheader_2014ny, the idea of a triathlon is intriguing, but daunting. There seems to be so much to consider and even more to learn. Stop asking why and start asking when. No one ever got to the finish line without ever lining up at the start, right?

In conjunction with the Grand Rapids Triathlon, Team OAM NOW and Athletic Mentors will present you with all the information you need to get you to the starting line of your first…or next…triathlon and see you all the way to the finish. You won’t want to miss any of these amazing (and FREE) opportunities!

TRI 101- Saturday:  January 17th 9:00-10:30am   (Downtown YMCA)

Great for beginners or anyone looking to do their first TRI, here is the  opportunity to get the inside scoop on training, nutrition, equipment, racing tips, transitions, and rules from athletes who have been there, and back again (9-10:30am).

Swim Technique and Training: January 17th  10:30 – Noon (Downtown YMCA)

Following TRI101, athletes looking to improve their efficiency in the water can learn about swim techniques and training. It’s an amazing chance to get an inside look and idea of what you can expect as you begin to train.  Get workout suggestions and watch high definition underwater video to learn the do’s and don’ts for good form.

To get more details, check out the Grand Rapids Tri site here.

To register for the clinics, click here.


February – June Clinics: 

Later, on February 28, the clinic returns to offer you the opportunity to really hone in on specific skills and strategies on both the bike and run portions (February 28, 9am-11am). Then, on May 30, just two weeks from the race, you can participate in a Race Day Clinic which will answer all the questions you have about actual race day, from wave information to parking and spectator access.

Finally, one week from race day, June 7, mentors and coaches will take you on a pre-race swim and ride to get you acclimated to the course. This is the perfect opportunity for athletes new to the tri to quell any last minute nerves and take advantage of one last training session and on-course tips from the pros!

These clinics offer an amazing opportunity for the new and returning tri-athlete to learn techniques from the pros. Clinic attendees also get special deals on Athletic Mentors Custom Training Plan and 20% off the video stroke analysis!

All clinics (except pre-race swim and ride) are held at the downtown Grand Rapids YMCA and are completely free! You must register to participate.



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