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July 7th, 2014 by Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors

If you’ve ever thought about bike racing, but were hesitant to line up among all those high-end bikes and cyclists in matching kits, this clinic is for you.

If you’ve ever wondered how sprinters find the perfect position from which to make their sprint, this clinic is for you.

If you’re prepping for the Miller Energy Criterium and want some last minute advice (as well as a sneak peek at the course), this clinic is for you.
This Friday, Athletic Mentors is offering free racing clinics, for both men and women, at the WMU BTR course featuring experienced cyclists from Team OAM Now including World Record Holder Chris Gottwald and State Champion Amy Kimber (Stauffer). Whether you’re a new rider looking for basics, or more experienced and looking to hone your skills, you’ll be grouped with similar riders and paired with an experienced cyclist to teach you new techniques and strategies.



Some of the clinic highlights include:

  • A safe environment, for all riders, without intimidation
  • A bike skills course to practice handling, cornering and more
  • Elite racers will discuss road criterium rules and what to expect
  • For new riders, both discussion and hands-on experience in group riding etiquette and safety
  • For more experienced riders, racing strategies and techniques including, but not limited to: perfecting the sprint, finding and maintaining good position, cornering, and attacking/chasing the pack

The clinic aims to introduce new racers to the criterium, offer tips and tricks to seasoned racers, and, overall, improve the performance of the pack. Even if you don’t currently consider yourself a racer, even if you’re not currently signed up for a race, this type of clinic is the perfect introduction to what road racing is all about and enough to give you a taste of this exciting event. The clinic is free for those who pre-register, but $10 if you wait.

Get registered now!

Men can register for the men’s clinic, from 7-9pm, Friday, July 11, here.

Women can register for the women’s clinic, from 5:45-8pm, Friday, July 11, here.



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