Finding a Doctor Who Treats You…the Athlete

May 27th, 2014 by Team OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors

By Team OAMNOW Tri-athlete Mike Steele

As athletes, we are often picky about who we trust to diagnose and treat us. And, as athletes, we are often impatient to get back to doing what it is we love to do after an injury. Finding a doctor who can treat an athlete is one thing, but finding a doctor who both understands the particular needs of an athlete and can also treat them is spectacular. On a recent trip to Orthopedic Associates of Michigan (OAM), I was fortunate to find both and none too soon.  OAM, sponsor and team doctors for Team OAM NOW, treats the whole athlete by serving and supporting the active community from the young and developing to older athletes. Finding a doctor, or rather a team of doctors, who understand the nuances  needs for each is crucial.

Having recently turned 45, I felt as if my body was in revolt. Tendinitis of the bicep/shoulder and tendinosis of the Achilles were both diagnosed, but, now I needed treatment. 20140501_092005I briefly mentioned I was a member of the Team OAMNOW race team and quickly Dr. Matelic said, “I love the uniforms!” It’s incredibly nice to know you’re getting treatment from someone who actively supports what you do and how you do it. He proceeded to discuss my treatment options and recommended physical therapy.

That’s when Lindsey, a member of the OAM Physical Therapy team, entered. Again, it’s crucial to me, and my treatment, that the OAM PT team and Lindsey understand that I need to keep moving. Lindsey was instrumental in developing a plan which allows me to continue working out while addressing my specific injuries. All of the staff who treated my injuries were excited and anxious to know more about Team OAMNOW and what we’re doing this year.

If you find yourself in need this year, be sure to stop in and see them for personalized treatment with the athlete in mind. Maybe you can give them an update too!


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