Scott Steurer

Primary Discipline: Mountain Biking
Other Disciplines: Road Racing
Birth Year: 1961
City Of Residence: Kalamazoo
Favorite Race: Barry-Roubaix - it contains all the elements I love about racing - potential for harsh climate/weather; tough, hilly course; gravel roads with some sketchy surfaces; groups forming and reforming as the terrain takes its toll; and a great after race party atmosphere.

Biggest Accomplishments

Maintaining some element of competitive racing since I was 15 years old (I am now 53) - road cycling, tri, mountain biking and cyclocross - I've done it all.


Success takes time and discipline - don't give up and savor the good moments.

If I'm Not Competing...

Doing homework with my daughters - Samantha and Alexandra (14 and 11).

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:

I dislocated my left shoulder when I was 12 doing Judo (it still bothers me sometimes).


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