Daniel Yankus

Primary Discipline: Category 1 Road, Nordic Ski
Other Disciplines: Nordic Ski
Birth Year: 1981
City Of Residence: Milford
Favorite Race: With racing 2 sports and getting to travel to some great places, a few races are a must each year. These 3 ski races each have something you can't find easily. American Birkiebiener Ski Marathon - Nothing like skiing with the some of the best skiers in the U.S. and few Europeans. This race is a true measuring stick of one's ability. Noquemanon Ski Marathon - It may be downhill from the start line to finish line, but this race has a bit of backcountry feel to hit as you ski to the Superior Dome in Marquette. Black Mountain Classic - It may be a small race, but the organizers put together a course no matter the conditions. They spare no expense with offering the best after race hospitality.

Biggest Accomplishments

This is a hard one for me, I look at the last race as my biggest accomplishment. I enjoy the little things of competition, and competition itself. Two moments that will always be in my memories: 79th Place at the American Birkiebiener, I set out 5 years ago with a Top 100 placing as my "reach" goal. I went from 600th to 79th in that span. Finishing the Milford Crit (It's my hometown and the one time a year family and friends see what I do every weekend) on the podium and a blink of an eye from the win.


Don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. We are all "time-crunched" athletes, so often I see other athletes worried about things they can't control or what someone else is doing. Be the best athlete you can be. Make a list of goals, a few easy ones and few "reach" goals. Set up a game plan and start knocking them out.

If I'm Not Competing...

Sleeping! Play hard, rest hard.

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:

I am a huge sci-fi geek.


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