Ross DiFalco

Primary Discipline: Elite Club
Other Disciplines: Mountain Biking
Birth Year: 1995
City Of Residence: Charlotte
Favorite Race: Ore2Shore - I love the area, distance and style of race. Plus, who doesn’t want to jump into Lake Superior after a grueling day!

Biggest Accomplishments

It’s interesting, but the races I’ve won are not the highlights. To non athletes it may sound strange but I am most proud when I’ve had to dig deep within and really suffer to complete a race. Those are the events that really stick in my mind.


Winning is a fun goal to strive for but the sport offers so much more. Cycling is a sport you can do for the majority of your life, whether it be racing, pedaling with friends to grab an ice cream, or enjoying a Saturday local group ride. There’s nothing wrong with pushing for the win, but don’t miss out on the awesome community of people that you’ll be surrounded with.

If I'm Not Competing...

All things outdoors! I live for hiking, biking, skiing, paddling or anything else I can get involved in. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good challenge.

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:

I’m a big fan of cats!


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