Paul Raynes

Primary Discipline: Tri/Multi-Sport
Other Disciplines: Running
Birth Year: 1957
City Of Residence: Richland
Favorite Race: Small to moderate sized races within an hour drive - because logistically, they are more manageable. Triathlon or running...Running: Borgess and Kalamazoo Klassic - because of tradition and first races I ever entered in the late 70's early 80's. Multi-Sport: smaller well organized local team events.

Biggest Accomplishments

Staying healthy enough to compete (stay competitive) since 1978.


Don't rush or try to push through injuries. Be patient and think about longevity rather than short-term gains.

If I'm Not Competing...

Having fun exercising, walking/hiking, at the beach, doing something outside.

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:

I have Antimetropia - don't worry, it's not contagious:)


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