Graeme Bainbridge

Primary Discipline: Tri/Multi-Sport (runners, mountain bikers)
Other Disciplines: Tri
Birth Year: 1968
City Of Residence: Battle Creek
Favorite Race: I look forward to any sprint triathlon. I've done Olympic/Half-Iron distances but the sprint is for me. I just love the intensity of going all out for each discipline. Grand Rapids, Tri Del Sol, Cereal City, Shermanator are all great local races. As a swimmer, I enjoy open water events and Swim to the Moon is a great one. Over the winter I tend to swim a lot and the USMS 1 hour ePostal National Championships is a great event to test your swimming endurance. Just get in and swim.

Biggest Accomplishments

I didn't start doing triathlons until 2016 but I've still managed to win a race and podium in several. Doesn't really bother me where I finish but knowing I've raced as best I can on the day is important to me. In masters swimming, I made the USMS age group Top 10 for the 1 hour ePostal National Championships.


Enjoy it. The training, the racing, buying the gear and resting when you need it. You will get injured, so listen to your body and let it recover. Cross-train with some fun stuff e.g. I do rock climbing and if you are a triathlete, swim more over the winter.

If I'm Not Competing...

I've recently discovered Netflix/Hulu/HBOMax I do a bit of catch up TV at the end of the day

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:

I'm a black belt in Taekwondo


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