Elizabeth Kayfish

Primary Discipline: Tri/Multi-Sport
Other Disciplines: Tri
Birth Year: 1994
City Of Residence: Kalamazoo
Favorite Race: My favorite race was the GR Tri. This was my very first triathlon and half iron. I did this with my closest friends racing with me and more of them cheering me on. There is nothing more memorable than doing something you love with your favorite people.

Biggest Accomplishments

My biggest accomplishment has to be finishing my first half Ironman. It seemed like an intimidating distance but the training and the race were worth it!


My advice to a new triathlete would be that the end result is worth it, hands-down. There is something about crossing that finish line that makes the training all worth it. I would also have to say that make sure you are enjoying yourself; you dedicate a lot of your time training for triathlons, so make sure you try to enjoy most of it!

If I'm Not Competing...

If I am not competing, I am usually still outside training or finding other activities to do. I enjoy just about anything outside, in the sunshine! I love camping, backpacking and finding new adventures to do with my friends and family.

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:


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