Collin Snyder

Primary Discipline: Road Cat 2
Other Disciplines: XC and Ultra Endurance Mountain biking (single speed exclusively) and Cyclocross
Birth Year: 1986
City Of Residence: Northville Township
Favorite Race: Hyde Park Blast (OH), and anything in the pouring rain

Biggest Accomplishments

I’ve dabbled in several disciplines and have my favorite moments in all. My biggest win over the past few years was Barry Roubaix single speed race in 2013. In 2010, I competed in the National Ultra Endurance MTB series and placed 6th overall in single speed. Then there are numerous 2nd places (it seems I’m a specialist at that) that I am just as proud of including Iceman 2 years running.


Riding your bike is supposed to be fun. When you look at your results and you only see negative, your future results are going to be even worse. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Enjoy the ride and results will come.

If I'm Not Competing...

If I'm Not Competing, I’m planning the next epic ride. I’ve done dirty Kanza 200, Shenandoah 100 (5 times) and that has sparked the interest to do the next crazy thing like La Ruta de Los Conquistadores, Cape Epic, or Ride the Divide. It may not be anytime soon, but one day...To me, these races are not a competition, but an adventure that comes with just being there.

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:

I’m a pretty good cook. During one of my hard semesters in college, for a moment I considered dropping out of engineering school to take up culinary arts.


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