Chris Gottwald

Primary Discipline: Road Cat 1
Other Disciplines:
Birth Year: 1971
City Of Residence: Richland
Favorite Race: Anything tough! Some of my favorites include Cherry Roubaix, West Branch and Oh of course Race Across America...

Biggest Accomplishments

If you look at leading, taking the reigns as elite team captain last year and putting guys in the win in my rookie year was awesome! Personally I have tons of great memories and finishes. Breaking the 100 Mile World Record on the track last year was great, but winning every major road race in Michigan of the course of my career was fun too. Three Races Across America, North American Cyclist of the year (RAAM) and rookie of the year too...what do you think? 24 years as a Cat 1 alone is enough of a blessing let alone , lots of major wins!


Take your time! I see lots of young guys get impatient and what instant results. I started racing BMX at age 7 and was NOOOO good. Switched to road at 14 and did not win a race until racing for Purdue in the collegiate ranks. I think its about 3 years if you have awesome talent but closer to 5 to 7 to really get clicking.

If I'm Not Competing...

On the lake for sure! Even if I'm not competing I love to stretch my physical limits. I love to row even though I am way to small to be competitive. It's just fun. I also love to slalom along with a strange passion for bare footing...of course deep water start. Just something very raw and cool to see a guy jump in a lake with nothing, grab a rope and a few seconds later skipping across the water on his feet. Love to hang with the family, LOVE sailing, love traveling, love flying...just never enough time!

One Thing You Don't Know About Me:

Rode 496 miles at the 24 hour challenge in 2010 after my wife told me the day before that she signed me up for the event. She cited that if I were to ever win RAAM I need to get comfortable time trailing for 24 hours! Really Jessica!!!! I was 6 miles short of the course record for the event...oh so close (maybe next year)!


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