Meet New JD Rider Parker Crane

May 16th, 2024 by JoAnn Cranson

By:  Parker Crane

I’m Parker Crane, a 14-year-old cyclist from Milford, Michigan and a 9th grader attending Milford High School. My biking career started in fifth grade with my first mountain bike ride on Milford trail. I thought it was really so fun I joined the Huron Valley Mountain bike club and the next year made my way to the Huron Valley Race Team. By 2021 I was MiSCA State Champion in my category and knew biking was a good fit for me. I got big into biking and started doing a variety of races including gravel and cyclocross. I wanted to upgrade my skills on the bike, and also be a better person off the bike, so I was super excited when I was accepted into Team Athletic Mentors Junior Development (TAMJD). This is my first year in the program, and I have already seen a big improvement training with other skilled cyclists, and being pushed by my teammates and coach.

Although my main passion is cycling, it isn’t my only interest. I fish in the summer around Milford and once in a while I’ll go on a fishing trip. I also like kayaking on the Huron River through Milford or in northern Michigan to test my luck fishing. Camping also brings good opportunities to fish, which takes me to another one of my hobbies, camping with family and friends. During the MiSCA race season we camp with teammates and coaches on race weekends. We also camp in Marquette Michigan for Ore to Shore at Rippling River Resort every year, and ride the trails for fun with some of our biking friends. My family also likes to travel to different places out of state. Last year we went to Bentonville, Arkansas for spring break, and this year Brevard North Carolina for TAMJD camp which was awesome. In the winter months I’m not just on the bike trainer, but I’m also snowboarding and on the Milford High School boardercross team. In my spare time, I work on building trails in my backyard, and helping out with trail maintenance on Milford trail.

As for goals this season, I am aiming high this year. As I’m racing varsity and want to get top 10 or better in every MiSCA race, achieve a podium spot in Iceman, and make top 20 overall in the Ore to Shore soft rock this year. Ore to Shore is also probably my favorite race because of the fast road downhills at the start to the flowy single track at the end. And I can’t wait to focus on road riding this year since it’s something new that I don’t have much experience with. I have done a handful of road rides already and am excited for my first race on the road.

Since I’ve been racing I have learned that I am a very competitive rider and I like riding technical trails. My favorite local trail is definitely Highland Recreation mountain bike trail because it made me so much better over the years and because it is the most technical in my area. I also really enjoy cyclo-cross and mountain bike races. The best part of biking is improving with every ride and the bike community that comes along with it. I am looking forward to this upcoming season and can’t wait to see how I develop as a rider with TAMJD.


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