Balancing Life as an Athletic Teen

June 26th, 2019 by JoAnn Cranson

By:  Jacob Florey

Balancing life, school, and training is not an easy task as a teenage. You need to have a healthy mindset and also a good group of people that you are friends with. It helps to have something healthy that you really enjoy doing too.

Sports is a good outlet to help deal with the stress of school. School can stress you out by the pressure of keeping your grades up, peer pressure or just trying to measure up to others expectations.

If you get involved in sports, the exercise really helps. I am on a swim team and when we practice we all enjoy each others company. I also compete in triathlons in the summer so I’m doing a bunch of different activities.

There are good and bad “stresses”. The good stress is the pre-competition jitters you get before you start your event. But once you start the competition you are focused and having fun.

The bad stress is when it doesn’t go away. You know it’s bad stress by not being able to focus, you have stomachaches, you are tired and irritable and you don’t have Fun! You are always trying to measure up to something or someone but never feel satisfied. You need to ask for help if you feel this kind of stress.

You need a past-time other than training. Whether it’s a group of people that you hang out with, or even going for a nice relaxing walk, gaming, or something as simple as sitting on the couch and watching a funny movie or television show. For me it is just skating around town with some friends. I enjoy being outside rather than being inside and the fresh air is just good for the body.

Another important part is to eat healthy and get enough sleep. These both fuel my body to keep me going and helps me to focus in school and sports.

Trying to find the happy balance of life, school and training is a challenge for anyone, but I think since I’m young it’s really hard to know when I’m trying to do too much. You need to make sure you have set priorities, create a system that works for you to manage your time, and be able to recognize your limits.


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